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Insights on attending West Virginia State University as an HBCU?

I came across West Virginia State University during my college search and found out it's an HBCU. However, I haven't heard much about it compared to other more well-known HBCUs. Does anyone have insights or experiences they could share about the university, especially if you're attending or have attended?

7 months ago

Many students are initially drawn to WVSU for its strong agriculture program, so it could be a good match for you if that's one of your academic interests. Additionally, like at other HBCUs, the community is known for being supportive and engaging.

While it may not have the same recognition as some other HBCUs, WVSU provides a close-knit atmosphere where it's easier to form personal connections with faculty and other students. Students often speak about the direct mentorship they receive from professors, and appreciate the opportunities for hands-on research, even as an undergrad—such opportunities can sometimes be harder to find at more well-known schools with larger grad programs. Similarly, small class sizes will allow you to fully engage in discussions and explore your interests as far and wide as you would like.

If possible, visiting campus will give you a sense of the school's environment and community, which can be just as crucial as academic offerings. Also, try to reach out to current students or alumni through social media groups—people are often more than willing to share their experiences and give you a real sense of what to expect, as everyone remembers that making a college decision can feel overwhelming!

Good luck with your search!

7 months ago

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