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Are cooking classes looked down upon by admissions officers?

So I've got a passion for cooking and I want to take a cooking class at school next semester. But, will colleges think I'm not serious about academics if I take it? Could it actually add to my application since it shows I have diverse interests or will it hurt me because it's not 'rigorous?'

7 months ago

Absolutely not! Admissions officers aren't looking down on cooking classes, especially if they align with your passions and interests. Sure, academic rigor is important, but so is showing who you are and what makes you tick. If cooking is something you love, it can become part of what sets you apart from other applicants. In fact, this could be a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate initiative and passion, which are qualities colleges look for.

Think about ways you can take your passion for cooking beyond the class—maybe you could start a cooking blog, cater a school event, or organize a community meal. These kinds of activities show that you're applying your interests in tangible ways, making you a more interesting and well-rounded candidate. If you balance your cooking class with other academically challenging courses, you'll show colleges that you have a healthy mix of interests and academic dedication.

Remember, colleges are looking for students who will contribute to the campus in unique ways, and your cooking skills could be just the flavor they're looking for!

7 months ago

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