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Looking for a top HBCU for track and field athletes—any suggestions?

Hey team, I'm a track and field athlete with aims to keep competing in college. Does anyone have any recommendations for HBCUs that have stellar track and field programs? Bonus points if they're known for academic support for student-athletes and post-college networking in the sports industry!

7 months ago

How exciting that you're looking to continue your track and field career at a top HBCU! For strong track and field programs, you'll want to check out North Carolina A&T State University, which has an impressive history of success in track and field. They are particularly well-known for their sprinters.

Another institution worth considering is Howard University; their athletic programs are complemented by solid academic support for student-athletes. Additionally, Southern University and A&M College has produced many successful athletes and may offer the post-college networking opportunities you're looking for in the sports industry.

Remember to look into each school's athletic facilities, coaching staff, and what current and former athletes say about their experience. Networking opportunities can often be explored through the school's alumni association or career services center.

Be sure to also consider how the schools match your academic and social interests to ensure a good overall college experience. Best of luck in finding the right fit for you!

7 months ago

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