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What are some strong HBCU universities in Texas?

Could anyone share some insights on Texas HBCUs? I'm specifically interested in learning about their academic strengths or standout programs and campus life.

7 months ago

Certainly! In Texas, there are several HBCUs that have a strong reputation.

Prairie View A&M University, for example, is known for its engineering programs and has a vibrant campus life with a wide variety of student organizations and Greek life.

Another noteworthy institution is Texas Southern University, located in Houston, which has commendable programs in business, law, and pharmacy, and it's also the alma mater of numerous prominent African American leaders.

Lastly, Wiley College in Marshall is renowned for debate and oratory, shown by its history being highlighted in the film 'The Great Debaters.' Students often praise its close-knit community and strong liberal arts education.

I would recommend visiting campuses, if possible, and reaching out to current students or alumni to give you an even better feel for each university's unique atmosphere and offerings.

7 months ago

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