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Extracurricular involvement at HBCU homecomings?

Hey everyone, Ive been really considering applying to some HBCUs and I'm super interested in participating in their community events. Does anyone know how involved students can get in HBCU homecomings? What sort of roles do they play and how can it impact my college experience?

7 months ago

Hey there! HBCU homecomings are a huge deal and a vibrant part of the campus experience. Students can get highly involved in a variety of ways. For one, there are often student committees tasked with planning the events, which can include concerts, parades, and alumni gatherings—giving you a chance to work on event planning, leadership, and team coordination.

Many student organizations and Greek life also play a significant role during homecoming, hosting events, fundraisers, and social gatherings. It's a great way to show school spirit and connect with alumni. If you're into performing arts, homecoming is a showcase for talents too—bands, dancers, and step teams are central to the festivities.

As for the impact on your college experience, participating in homecoming activities can broaden your network, enhance your organizational skills, and just be a ton of fun! It's a tradition that embodies the school's spirit and brings the community together. It's also a fantastic way to make memories that you'll carry with you long after graduation. If you end up attending an HBCU, definitely dive into the homecoming culture—it's a unique and enriching aspect of student life.

7 months ago

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