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Can CLEP exams really help me skip intro classes in college?

Hello, I'm a junior and I've stumbled upon CLEP exams as a potential way to get ahead. But, I'm a little bit stressed about overloading myself. For those who've taken CLEP exams, did you find they were worth it? Specifically, did they help you skip introductory courses once you got to university, or is it more school-specific? Also, does anyone have experience with CLEP exams being accepted by universities like FSU or colleges in Chicago?

7 months ago

Yes, CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams can enable you to skip some introductory courses in college, provided the college or university you attend accepts them for credit. It is indeed very school-specific, so it's crucial to review each institution's policy.

Many schools, including FSU, have a designated section on their admissions or registrar's page detailing the CLEP subjects they accept and the minimum score required for credit. Regarding colleges in Chicago, each institution may have a different stance on CLEP credits, so you'll want to check directly with schools like the University of Chicago, DePaul, or UIC.

I've seen students benefit significantly from taking CLEP exams as they were able to advance to higher-level courses and save money on tuition. However, balance is key—don't overburden yourself if you're already managing a rigorous schedule.

7 months ago

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