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How Do Volleyball Rankings Affect HBCU Recruitment?

Yo, I'm a junior and a varsity volleyball player. I'm considering an HBCU for college and was wondering how the volleyball rankings might affect my recruitment chances. Does being at a top-ranked HBCU volleyball program help with visibility or scholarships? Any guidance would be super appreciated before I start reaching out to coaches!

7 months ago

Hey there! A top-ranked HBCU volleyball program typically has more resources and a larger spotlight, which could increase your visibility to coaches at other institutions and recruiters if you plan to play beyond college. However, remember that scholarship opportunities come down to not only your athletic ability, but also your academic achievements and the individual needs of the team you're hoping to join.

My advice would be to maintain strong grades and a good highlight reel, and reach out directly to the coaches of the programs you're interested in. They'll provide you with the most accurate information regarding their recruitment process and how their team standings might influence it. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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