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HBCUs with strong education programs?

Hi all, I'm considering becoming a teacher and I've heard about the rich history of teacher education at HBCUs. As a junior in high school thinking ahead, which HBCUs would you say have the best programs for future educators? Any details about student teaching opportunities or partnerships with schools would be super helpful!

7 months ago

Glad to hear about your interest in becoming a teacher, and looking into the strong heritage of HBCUs in the field of education is a wise step. Notable HBCUs with robust education programs include Howard University, which offers a variety of specializations and has a track record of producing educators who go on to make significant impacts.

Additionally, Spelman College, known for fostering an empowering environment for women of color, has an excellent education department. You might also look into the teacher education program at Hampton University, which provides unique experiences like the Hampton University School of Education and Continuing Studies Teaching and Learning Center.

Make sure you inquire about student teaching experiences, as most of these programs will have established partnerships with local schools which can give you hands-on experience. Your proactive approach to researching and preparing for your future as a teacher is commendable, and I encourage you to reach out to the admissions offices of these HBCUs to get more detailed information on their education departments. Best of luck in your search and future endeavors!

7 months ago

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