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Best Computer Courses for HS Students Looking to Major in CS?

Hey everyone, as someone who's leaning towards a computer science major in college, I want to strengthen my skills and resume. What computer courses would you guys recommend for a high school junior who's already taken the basics? Bonus points if there are specific areas I should focus on that colleges love to see!

7 months ago

Hello and kudos on your proactive approach to strengthening your skills in the computer science field! Since you have the basics down, I recommend you look into taking advanced placement (AP) courses such as AP Computer Science A or AP Computer Science Principles if your high school offers them, as these will demonstrate both your skill level and your commitment to academic rigor.

If you’re looking for specific areas to focus on, developing a deep understanding of algorithms and data structures is a great idea, as it’s a fundamental aspect of computer science that colleges like to see. You might also want to explore courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning, or mobile app development, as these are emerging areas with a lot of interests in the tech community.

Outside of school, consider participating in hackathons, coding competitions, or internships with tech companies. Not only do these experiences solidify your practical skills, but they also add to the 'spike' in your application, showing colleges a deep commitment and passion for the field. Don't forget to continue working on personal projects or contributing to open-source software, as these hands-on experiences are invaluable.

Wishing you the best in your academic endeavors and future applications to computer science programs!

7 months ago

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