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Is majoring in Computer Science at an HBCU a good move for tech industry prospects?

Hey everyone, I’ve been considering applying to an HBCU for computer science because I really vibe with the community and support they offer. My concern is whether tech companies actively recruit from HBCUs and if alumni feel prepared for the industry? Are there any specific programs or partnerships that stand out?

7 months ago

Hi there! Choosing an HBCU for a computer science program can be a great decision, especially given the unique community and support structure they offer. In terms of recruitment, many top tech companies have indeed recognized the value of a diverse workforce and actively recruit from HBCUs.

Companies such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM frequently participate in job fairs and create internships specifically for HBCU students. Alumni from these institutions often report feeling well prepared for the tech industry, thanks, in part, to the hands-on experience and networking opportunities provided through these partnerships.

For instance, the Google in Residence program, where Google engineers teach at HBCUs, can provide an incredible bridge to the tech world. While I encourage you to research the specific partnerships and programs available at the HBCUs you're interested in, rest assured that there is a growing emphasis on fostering talent from these institutions in the tech industry.

7 months ago

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