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What are some HBCUs with standout Dance programs?

Dance has been a huge part of my life and I really want to continue this journey in college. I'm specifically looking for HBCUs that can offer a rich dance program experience, with opportunities for performance and maybe even choreography. Any insights or recommendations from current students or alumni?

7 months ago

Hello! My daughter had a very similar path in her college search last year, and I'm excited to share what we found!

Howard University, for example, has a vibrant dance program with performance opportunities and they really encourage students to explore various genres and techniques. Their dance ensembles perform at university events and also showcase student choreography.

Another one to consider is Spelman College, where they have a dynamic program focusing on both performance and academic study of dance. The Spelman Dance Theatre offers students the opportunity to perform and create works in a supportive environment.

Finally, I heard good things about North Carolina A&T State University, where their dance company provides opportunities for performances in different dance genres, including modern and jazz, often exploring culturally significant themes.

These are just a few options, but there are certainly more HBCUs with strong dance programs. I'd suggest visiting campuses if possible, watching performances, and even reaching out to the dance departments or current students to get a sense of the community and opportunities available. Best of luck on your dance journey in college!

7 months ago

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