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Tips for Crafting UMich Essays?

So I'm starting on my UMich essays and feeling the pressure. How did past applicants create a compelling narrative for the 'why us' and community-based essays? Could really use some guidance or examples of what worked for you.

7 months ago

It definitely can feel daunting to tackle those essays, but I'm glad you're reaching out for some advice.

For the 'why us' essay, it's critical to get specific. Research UMich programs, professors, classes, and initiatives that align with your academic interests and career goals, then connect those directly to what you can contribute and why it excites you. For example, if you're interested in environmental science, you might discuss UMich's Program in the Environment and how you plan to engage with its hands-on research opportunities.

As for the community essay, reflect on your personal experiences and think about what unique perspectives you bring to the table. Maybe you've committed to promoting digital literacy in your community, and you can connect that to how you'd contribute to UMich's culture of innovation. Remember, specificity is key; show how your values and experiences align with UMich's, and how you will bring those to campus. Best of luck, you'll do great!

7 months ago

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