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Help with Brown Supplement Essays?

Could use some advice on the Brown supplement essays. What tips do you have for balancing between showing interest in their open curriculum and talking about your own academic passions? How did you all convey your ‘fit’ for Brown through the essays?

7 months ago

Hey there! Tackling the Brown supplement essays can indeed be a balancing act. One approach is to start by mapping out your academic passions and interests, then look at how Brown's open curriculum supports your desire for exploration and depth in those areas. It's really about storytelling and creating a picture of who you are as a learner. Share specific examples of how you've pursued your interests thus far and how you envision diving deeper into them at Brown.

When talking about the open curriculum, try to articulate why that kind of academic freedom is the right fit for you. Have you ever felt constrained by a rigid curriculum? Have you thrived in situations where you had the freedom to make choices about your learning? Those kinds of personal reflections can bring your essay to life. Most importantly, reflect a clear understanding of the open curriculum – perhaps by mentioning how you would mix different disciplines to approach a problem you care about, which can show an admissions officer not just why you’re interested in Brown, but why Brown should be interested in you.

Remember, it’s all about authenticity and making it easy for the admissions officers to picture you thriving on their campus.

7 months ago

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