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Best approach for tackling the Carnegie Mellon supplements?

I've heard the Carnegie Mellon supplements can be pretty intense. Anyone got any advice on how to break down the prompt and handle these essays? What does CMU value in an applicant and how can I make sure my supplements reflect that?

7 months ago

Absolutely, the Carnegie Mellon supplements do require thoughtful introspection and clear articulation of your interest. Here's a structured approach: Start by thoroughly researching the specific program you’re applying to and align your response with the values and educational philosophy of CMU. Reflect on your experiences that show your passion and potential in the field you’re applying for. CMU values innovation, a collaborative spirit, and the tenacity to tackle complex problems, so highlight experiences that demonstrate these qualities.

Break down the prompt into smaller parts and address each aspect with specific examples. When you convey your story, remember - specificity is key. Rather than broad statements, provide concrete details that paint a vivid picture of your commitment and skills. And before you submit, seek feedback to refine your essays. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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