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How do employers view HBCU online undergraduate programs?

Getting a bit worried about my future here, guys. I'm considering enrolling in an online undergrad program at an HBCU due to my work commitments. Do any of you know how employers view these online degrees compared to the regular ones?

7 months ago

Hello! That's a very valid concern. From what I've learned after my child went through a similar decision-making process, it seems like things are changing for the better. More and more employers are recognizing the validity of online degrees, especially when they're from accredited institutions.

HBCUs have a strong reputation and a history of providing quality education. Employers often look for the skills and knowledge that you bring to the table, which can be gained through an online program just as well as an on-campus one. My advice would be to ensure that the program is properly accredited and has good reviews from past students.

Also, consider reaching out to the career services of the HBCU you're interested in and ask about their alumni network and job placement services. Having these resources at your disposal can be incredibly beneficial when entering the job market.

7 months ago

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