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Does anyone know what global studies in high school entails?

Hey folks! I'm planning my schedule for next year and I saw that there's a global studies program at my school. I'm curious about it but not sure what it really involves. Could anyone who has taken it shed some light on what to expect? Is it more history-focused or does it involve current events and international relations too?

7 months ago

Hi there! It's great to see you're exploring diverse courses like global studies! Global studies programs can vary by school, but generally, they incorporate a mix of history, current events, economics, culture, and political science with a focus on how each of these elements interconnects globally.

You can expect to look at various issues from multiple perspectives, which can include studying global economies, conflicts, cultural exchanges, international organizations, and global environmental concerns. For example, you might learn about the historical context of a country and then discuss its current political landscape and how that affects its relationships with other nations.

The course often promotes critical thinking and awareness of global issues, preparing you for a more interconnected world. It's a fantastic class to take if you're interested in how the world works together, and it can be an excellent grounding for future studies in international relations or global business. I recommend talking to the teacher or students who have previously taken the class to get an even clearer picture. If you've got a passion for understanding the broader world, I think you'll find global studies to be a highly enriching course!

7 months ago

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