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Should I take an online summer geometry course for high school credit?

Currently a sophomore here, and I'm weighing my options for the summer. I'm considering an online geometry course to get ahead and possibly make room for more AP courses during the school year. Would this be seen as a proactive choice by colleges, or do they prefer traditional school-year classes?

7 months ago

Taking an online geometry course over the summer can be a fantastic way to demonstrate your initiative and ability to manage your time effectively. Colleges often appreciate when students take charge of their education and seek out opportunities to further their learning outside of the regular school year. This proactive choice can allow you to pursue more AP courses during the school year, which can also be seen positively, as it shows a commitment to academic rigor.

Just be sure that the online course is from an accredited institution so that the credits will transfer to your high school transcript, and think about how you'll balance this with any other summer activities. It's a smart move as long as it contributes to your overall well-being and academic goals without causing burnout. If you're aiming for a specialty or 'spike' in your college application, aligning your summer coursework with that focus could enhance your academic narrative even further.

7 months ago

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