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Are there any HBCUs in Philadelphia?

Hi folks, quick question - are there any HBCUs in Philadelphia or nearby? I’m from the area and interested in the unique experiences HBCUs offer, so I’d love to stay close to home if possible. Can someone point me in the right direction?

7 months ago

I can understand the appeal of staying close to home while pursuing an HBCU experience. There are no HBCUs within the city of Philadelphia itself. However, you have a nearby option in Pennsylvania—Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. Founded in 1837, it's about 45 minutes away from Philadelphia and holds the proud distinction of being the first HBCU in the United States.

Additionally, just across the border in Delaware is Delaware State University, also an HBCU, located in Dover, which is roughly a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Philadelphia. Both schools offer a range of programs and a rich history that you might find aligns with what you're looking for. I suggest visiting their websites or campuses to get a sense of the community and academics each offers.

7 months ago

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