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Editing the Common App Essay Post-Submission—Help!

Hey guys, so I panicked and submitted my Common App but then noticed a couple of typos in my essay. 😖 Is there any way to edit my Common App essay after I've submitted it, or am I stuck with those errors now?

7 months ago

Hey there! First of all, take a deep breath—you're definitely not alone in this situation. Once you've submitted your application, you cannot make any changes to your Common App essay for that particular school.

However, if you are applying to multiple schools and haven't submitted your application to those yet, you can indeed make corrections for the remaining schools. If the typos are significant and you are really concerned, one option is to reach out to the admissions office of the school you've submitted your application to, explain the situation, and ask if there's a possibility of sending a corrected version.

But keep in mind that admissions officers are aware that small errors can happen and they generally look at the overall strength of your essay. A typo or two usually isn't going to be the deciding factor in your admission. Focus on the strong parts of your application and try to keep things in perspective!

7 months ago

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