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Crafting a Killer SAT Study Plan: Advice Needed!

Okay, I've got a goal SAT score in mind but I'm overwhelmed trying to figure out how to structure my study plan. Anyone willing to share how they structured their SAT prep? How long did you study each day, and did you focus more on practice tests or reviewing concepts? Thanks in advance for any tips!

7 months ago

Absolutely, I'd be happy to share some insights. When structuring your SAT study plan, consistency is key. I often advise students to study a little bit each day, perhaps around an hour, ensuring a balance between practice tests and concept review. Practice tests are particularly helpful for understanding the test format and identifying weak areas where you might need more concept review.

Additionally, incorporating ‘focused’ study sessions can be effective, dedicating specific days to math, verbal, writing, or test-taking strategies. As for resources, the College Board's official practice tests are a great starting point as they give you the most accurate sense of the actual exam. Beyond that, there are plenty of online platforms with detailed practice questions and explanations. The key is to create a plan you can stick to, avoid cramming, and allow yourself time to digest the content and strategy. Finally, remember to incorporate enough time for rest and relaxation, to ensure you don't burn out before the test day. Good luck!

7 months ago

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