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Can you share experiences as a non-black student at an HBCU?

I'm super interested in the academic and cultural experiences HBCUs offer and am considering attending one. As a non-black student, I’m curious to hear from others who might be in a similar boat. What has your experience been like at an HBCU? How's the campus vibe, inclusivity, and overall community?

7 months ago

My son, who is not Black, chose to attend an HBCU for its rich history and the unique academic programs it offered in his field of study. Initially, he was a bit anxious about how he'd fit into the campus culture. However, his experience has been overwhelmingly positive. He's found the campus vibe to be welcoming, and the community has a real family feel where people look out for one another.

Professors and students alike have been inclusive, providing spaces for open discussions about diversity and identity, which has been eye-opening and educational for him. He's making the most out of it by getting involved in campus clubs and contributing to community initiatives. One thing he mentioned is that it's important to go in with an open mind and a respect for the institution's history and culture. He's really made meaningful relationships and says that the experience is enriching on both a personal and educational level. Your interest in HBCUs is admirable, and if you actively seek out diverse perspectives and involve yourself in the campus community, it can be a rewarding choice.

7 months ago

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