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Which HBCUs lead the way in Technology-focused programs?

Calling all techies! I'm a junior obsessed with all things tech and dreaming about an HBCU education. Do any of you know which HBCUs are at the forefront of Technology programs? I'm talking innovation, coding, cybersecurity – the works. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

7 months ago

Your interest in fusing technology with the enriching experience of an HBCU education is fantastic! Several HBCUs are making waves in technology fields. For instance, Howard University offers a comprehensive Information Systems program, while North Carolina A&T State University is known for its robust College of Engineering, with degrees ranging from Computer Engineering to Cybersecurity. Moreover, Hampton University's Department of Computer Science has strong programs in the areas you're interested in.

They offer innovative learning experiences and partnerships with tech companies. Don't forget, visiting campuses, if you can, will give you insights into each program's unique strengths. Remember also to connect with current students in these programs—who better to provide you with firsthand experience? You're at an exciting crossroads, and exploring these options is a great way to ensure you find the HBCU that will best support and develop your passion for technology. Keep embracing your enthusiasm for tech as you continue your journey!

7 months ago

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