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What are the benefits of joining an HBCU consortium?

I'm in the process of making my college list and I've noticed some HBCUs are part of a consortium. Can anyone explain how this impacts the student experience? Does it offer more resources or opportunities for collaborations, internships or research?

7 months ago

Absolutely, joining an HBCU that is part of a consortium can positively impact your college experience in several ways. Collaborations between institutions often lead to a broader selection of courses and academic programs you can choose from. This means you can access specialized courses that might not be available at the institution where you're enrolled.

Internship and research opportunities can also be enhanced through a consortium because the collective resources and networks of multiple institutions can lead to more abundant and varied options. For instance, if one HBCU in the consortium has a strong relationship with a corporation or research institute, all member schools often benefit from that connection. Furthermore, social and cultural events are plentiful, providing a richer campus life and the ability to network with a larger group of peers.

Lastly, consortiums sometimes lead to shared facilities, like libraries or fitness centers, which can improve the breadth and quality of available student resources. Be sure to visit each HBCU's website or talk to an admissions representative to find out exactly what the consortium offers and how it might align with your academic and career goals.

7 months ago

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