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Which HBCU would be best for computer engineering?

Junior year's wrapping up and I'm getting a bit anxious about college apps. I'm pretty interested in Computer Engineering and would love to go to an HBCU. Heard anything about HBCUs with strong comp engineering programs, especially those with good industry ties or research opps?

7 months ago

A few historically black colleges and universities are recognized for their engineering programs. North Carolina A&T State University, for instance, has a distinguished College of Engineering with a solid Computer Engineering program, known for both its research and industry partnerships.

Another option to consider is Howard University, which is notable for its inclusion in research initiatives and well-established connections with tech industries—its location Washington, D.C. helps there. Additionally, Prairie View A&M University offers a vigorous engineering curriculum, with opportunities for hands-on experience.

When evaluating programs, be sure to consider factors such as the curriculum's relevance to your more specific interests within the field, internship options, faculty expertise, and collaboration with tech companies, which can all enhance your education and career prospects.

To get a direct feel, I recommend reaching out to alumni and current students, and if possible, planning campus visits to engage with faculty and get a firsthand look at the facilities and resources available. Good luck with your search!

7 months ago

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