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Are there HBCUs renowned for producing graduates in criminology?

I've been really into criminology ever since I took a forensic science class. As a junior, I'm interested in which HBCUs have a rep for their criminology programs. Would love to hear about job placement, research opportunities, or anything that's gonna give me the edge in the future. Suggestions?

7 months ago

Howard University in Washington, D.C. is one institution that stands out when it comes to Criminal Justice and Criminology programs. Their curriculum is quite rigorous, and they offer opportunities for students to engage in research. The university's proximity to federal law enforcement agencies also provides unique networking and internship opportunities for students interested in criminology.

Another HBCU worth considering for this field is North Carolina Central University, which offers a comprehensive Criminal Justice program and has partnerships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

As for job placement, many HBCUs have career services centers that work closely with students to help them find relevant positions post-graduation. Be sure to look into how actively these centers collaborate with the Criminology or Criminal Justice departments and whether they have a track record of placing graduates in roles that align with your career goals. The best way to do that is likely by reaching out to counselors at the center directly—you should be able to find their contact information online.

As you start narrowing your search, networking with current students or alumni through social media or university-affiliated forums can provide you with insider perspectives, which should give you a clearer sense of a particular program's strengths and weaknesses. Best of luck with finding the right match for you!

7 months ago

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