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Which HBCU is known for having the biggest homecoming events?

Can anyone share their experiences or knowledge about which HBCU throws the largest or most impressive homecoming celebrations? I'm super interested in the social and cultural aspects of college life, so I'd love to include schools with a vibrant community in my college list.

7 months ago

Hey there—Howard University is famous for its homecoming! The celebrations there are quite legendary, often coined as 'Yardfest.' They have a mix of concerts, alumni events, cultural showcases, and often big-name artists and celebrities headlining it all. It's not just about the size, though: it's the vibe and the community spirit that really stand out. The energy on campus during this time is simply electric.

Beyond Howard, North Carolina A&T's 'GHOE' (Greatest Homecoming on Earth) also offers an impressive week-long celebration that is hard to match. Whichever HBCU you choose, you're likely to find a tight-knit and vibrant community that takes pride in putting on a memorable homecoming, but these two are definitely at the top for homecoming excitement!

If the social and cultural dynamism of college life is important to you, I'd absolutely recommend looking into those two schools. Be sure to check on their websites for more info or reach out to admissions—they often can provide specific details or student accounts of these traditions. Good luck with finding the right fit for you!

7 months ago

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