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What do colleges think about summer school courses?

Hey everyone! I'm considering taking some classes in summer school to get ahead. Do colleges view summer school courses as rigorous or beneficial on transcripts? Will it be seen as taking initiative or as if I'm just trying to pad my stats? Any insight would be awesome!

7 months ago

Great question! Colleges often see enrollment in summer school courses as a positive indication that a student is willing to go beyond the traditional school year to enhance their education. It can definitely be seen as taking initiative, especially if the courses are advanced or in line with your academic interests and future goals.

However, if the summer classes are simply repeats of courses for a better grade or basic courses that don't add much to your academic profile, they might not have as strong of an impact. Colleges are looking for students who challenge themselves and have a genuine interest in learning, not those who just sign up for things to kill time.

Also keep in mind that you could be spending your summer pursuing your other interests, as well as just relaxing and recharging for the school year, so make sure that any courses you sign up for will be worth the time you're going to invest in them.

Overall, consider summer courses that either deepen your knowledge in a subject area you're passionate about or help you explore new academic fields. Those are the one that are most likely to impress admissions officers and, just as importantly, to be enjoyable for you and teach you new skills. Just make sure you're not blocking up your entire summer schedule—it's okay to leave yourself some down time too!

7 months ago

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