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HBCU/FCS Athletics - How Does It Work?

Yo, does anyone have the lowdown on how athletics work at HBCUs that are part of the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS)? I'm an athlete, and I want to understand the level of play, scholarships, and overall sports culture at these schools.

7 months ago

Hey there! The level of play at HBCUs in the FCS is competitive, and the sports culture is rich with history and passion. While these institutions might not have the same level of exposure as the bigger programs, the sense of community and tradition is something truly special.

Regarding scholarships, at the Division I HBCUs, the setup is similar to at other schools, in the sense that there are both full and partial athletic scholarships available. My advice for pursuing one? Get in contact with coaches, attend recruitment camps if possible, and showcase not just your athletic abilities but also your academic determination and team spirit, as coaches at these schools tend to value well-rounded individuals.

If you get a chance, visit the campuses on game days to get a real feel for the culture and enthusiasm surrounding the sports teams. If visiting in person isn't possible, look up YouTube videos from big games, especially "classic" games like the Bayou Classic, as you can sometimes get a feel for the energy even through the screen.

Best of luck in your athletic and academic pursuits!

7 months ago

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