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What are the top HBCUs for pursuing pre-med?

Hi friends, I'm a junior starting to feel the heat of college apps and I'm interested in going pre-med. Can anyone share which HBCUs have the best programs for pre-med students? I'm looking for schools with strong advising, good med school acceptance rates, and maybe opportunities for research or internships. Thanks for your help!

7 months ago

Hello! Among the top HBCUs for pursuing pre-med studies, three noteworthy institutions come to mind. First, Howard University is highly esteemed, with comprehensive advising services, robust research opportunities, and it is even home to a medical school, which can provide unique networking opportunities for undergraduates.

Next, Xavier University of Louisiana is renowned for its success in sending African American graduates to medical school. They have specialized programs and mentors who offer excellent preparation for the medical school application process.

Lastly, Morehouse College also has a strong pre-med program known for its supportive environment and opportunities for internships and research. These three schools typically come up in conversations around strong pre-med HBCUs due to their resources and track records.

When considering these programs, also take the time to reach out to their admissions offices or even the pre-med advising offices specifically, to get a clearer sense of their offerings and how they fit with your goals. Such direct engagement can also give you insight into the campus culture and how supportive the environment would be for you, which is just as important as the academic aspects, as you won't be able to thrive in your studies if you don't feel comfortable at the place where you're living for four years.

Good luck with your choices and remember, each school has its unique strengths, so consider what aligns best with your personal and academic needs!

7 months ago

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