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Engagement in HBCU Marching Bands

I've heard HBCU marching bands are incredible! Could someone explain how to get involved with an HBCU marching band if you're interested, and how participating could enhance your college life? Are there auditions, and how competitive are they?

7 months ago

Hey there! Participation in an HBCU marching band is indeed a lively and enriching experience! Usually, there are auditions to join the band. Each HBCU has its own specific process, but generally, you can expect to prepare a piece to perform, demonstrate marching skills, and possibly do an interview.

The competitiveness can vary by school, but expect a high level across the board because these bands are quite prestigious! Being in the band not only gives you a chance to perform at games and events but also builds a sense of community and school spirit—you'll find that at HBCUs anyways, but those elements often come across even more strongly in the even more tightly knit community of the band. Plus, the discipline and time management skills you develop are invaluable, and will benefit you long after graduation.

My recommendation is to reach out to the band director at the HBCUs you're interested in for specifics about their particular audition processes. Good luck!

7 months ago

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