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Recommended HBCUs for Engineering undergrad?

So I'm a bit stressed as I'm diving into the whole college search and applications process. Engineering is my dream major, and I want to combine that with the enriching experience an HBCU can offer. Which HBCUs have reputable engineering programs, preferably with hands-on experiences and solid career outcomes?

7 months ago

Well, it's natural to feel a bit overwhelmed during the college process, but you're on the right track seeking out institutions that align with your goals. When it comes to engineering programs at HBCUs, there are several that stand out for their academic rigor and outcomes.

For example, North Carolina A&T State University is renowned for its College of Engineering and is actually the largest producer of African American engineers at the bachelor's level. Another strong option is Howard University, which boasts an impressive list of engineering program accreditations and also has a notable legacy of success among its graduates.

Additionally, Prairie View A&M University in Texas is known for its hands-on engineering curriculum and strong industry connections, particularly in the Houston area, which is ripe with engineering job opportunities, especially if you're interested in space exploration (remember, NASA's headquarters are in Houston!). Finally, Florida A&M University, in partnership with Florida State University, offers a joint college of engineering that's well-regarded, especially for its research opportunities.

Make sure you look into specific programs and their resources, internships, and job placement rates. Visiting campuses and reaching out to professors, current students, and even alumni, whether in person during your visit or virtually if a visit isn't feasible, can also provide valuable insights.

Best of luck in your search and applications!

7 months ago

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