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What are the top HBCU dental programs?

Hello fam, I'm a junior starting to feel the pressure of college decisions. Dentistry is my dream profession, and I'm leaning towards attending an HBCU. Does anyone know which HBCUs are known for their pre-dental or dental programs? Any insights on the coursework, experiences, or faculty would be greatly appreciated!

7 months ago

I'm thrilled to hear about your interest in dentistry and your inclination to attend an HBCU! Among the HBCUs, Howard University's College of Dentistry stands out with a strong reputation. It's one of the few HBCUs with an actual dental school. The program is comprehensive, with a focus on preparing students for diverse dental careers and leadership roles.

Another notable institution is Meharry Medical College, which offers a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program and is renowned for its commitment to serving underserved communities.

As a junior, you're in a good position to start reaching out to these colleges to learn more about the specifics of their programs. These schools also emphasize research and community service, which are vital experiences for a future dentist. I encourage you to contact admissions representatives or, if possible, arrange visits to get a feel for the campus atmosphere and ask detailed questions about the coursework and faculty.

Remember, hands-on experience and mentorship are key components to look for in dental programs. Best of luck with your college search and future endeavors in dentistry!

7 months ago

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