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Top HBCU film programs

Hey everyone, I'm a junior currently freaking out a bit about college apps next year. I'm really into filmmaking and want to continue this passion in college. I'm leaning towards HBCUs and would love to know which ones have solid film programs. Does anyone have any tips on which schools have strong connections with the film industry or great internships?

7 months ago

When it comes to HBCUs with strong film programs, Howard University is frequently acknowledged for its excellent Department of Media, Journalism, and Film, with notable alumni in the film industry. Their courses cover a broad spectrum, including directing, editing, and scriptwriting, providing a well-rounded education in filmmaking.

Another institution to consider is Morehouse College, which offers a Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Studies program. This program focuses not only on the technical aspects of filmmaking but also includes critical studies, which can be a tremendous advantage in understanding the cultural impact of film.

Talking about industry connections, Spelman College has alumni throughout the industry, and their Documentary Filmmaking program puts a unique spin on the craft, which could provide you with a specialized skill set.

Lastly, it's essential to investigate the internship opportunities at each HBCU. Many schools will have partnerships or affiliations with film studios or media companies, and visiting campus or reaching out to the film departments directly could give you deeper insight into these opportunities. Internships can be a critical stepping stone in your film career, providing hands-on experience and connections in the industry.

Best of luck with your applications and in finding the program that best suits your ambitions!

7 months ago

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