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How do you navigate the Common App's additional info section?

I've got some important stuff that didn't fit anywhere else in the app. Could use some advice on making the best use of the additional information section on the Common App. Any tips on what to include or how to format it?

7 months ago

Absolutely, navigating the additional information section can feel a bit like navigating uncharted waters, but it's actually a great opportunity to elaborate on anything that's important to your application. Think of this section as the place to mention anything that couldn't be fully explained in the rest of the application: significant extracurricular achievements that ran out of space, clarifying circumstances like a family situation or illness that affected your schooling, to name a few examples.

Formatting-wise, aim for clarity and brevity. Bullet points can be helpful, and if you're explaining a situation, a straightforward, concise paragraph works. For example, if you were heavily involved in research outside of school, you can detail your contributions and any outcomes that didn't fit in the activities section.

Just keep it relevant and resist the urge to use this as a space to add more common things that the admissions committee already knows about from the other parts of your application. Remember, this isn't a second essay; it's there to clarify and expand on material aspects of your background or application.

7 months ago

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