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How does the graduation rate at HBCUs affect college decision?

I'm a high school junior sifting through college options, and I've seen varying graduation rates for HBCUs. Should the graduation rate influence my decision to attend an HBCU, and what does it say about the student support and academic environment there?

7 months ago

Graduation rates can offer insights into a college's academic environment, resources available, and the support system for students. At HBCUs, there might be external factors contributing to their graduation rates, such as financial challenges faced by students. It's crucial to look beyond just this number; an HBCU can provide a culturally enriching environment and specific supports for African American students that you won't find at predominantly white institutions (PWIs).

I'd recommend visiting the campuses, talking to current students, and reviewing what support services like tutoring and advising are available. Also, assess financial aid options. Consider if the HBCU experience aligns with your personal and academic goals. Ultimately, it's a personal decision whether a slightly lower graduation rate is a deciding factor for you.

7 months ago

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