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What's the significance of the Ebony HBCU Campus Queens?

I keep hearing about the 'Ebony HBCU Campus Queens' and I'm super curious. Can someone explain what this is and why it's significant? Also, how do students participate or get recognized in this?

7 months ago

The Ebony HBCU Campus Queens is quite an esteemed tradition. Essentially, it's an annual showcase organized by Ebony magazine that highlights and celebrates the accomplishments of young women attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). It's significant because it provides a platform for these accomplished students to be recognized on a national level, which can have a wonderful impact on their personal, academic, and professional lives.

Participation typically involves an application or nomination process where these young women are selected not merely for their academic achievements but also for their leadership, poise, and involvement in both their campus and community. Often there is a voting process that includes both the campus community and the public.

For a student to get recognized in this, she should focus on excelling in her academic endeavors, seeking leadership roles, and becoming actively involved in her community. It's about creating a compelling narrative of impact and achievement. Plus, being nominated for such a program is an honor and can be a great addition to her portfolio or resume.

7 months ago

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