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How can I get involved with HBCU campaigns or support organizations?

Hey all, this has been on my mind lately: I'm really passionate about the history and role of HBCUs and I'd love to support them even before I apply. Does anyone know how high school students can get involved in HBCU campaigns or fundraising efforts? I'm looking for ways to contribute to the community aside from just applying.

7 months ago

Hey there! It's heartwarming to hear that you're interested in supporting HBCUs. A great way to start is by looking into organizations like the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) which provides substantial support to these institutions. Many high schools and community groups partner with organizations like UNCF for fundraising events, scholarship programs, and awareness campaigns, and you could take a lead in organizing such efforts.

Additionally, consider reaching out directly to the HBCUs you're interested in — they might have programs in place for high school volunteers or can direct you to affiliated groups that do this kind of work. Last but not least, social media campaigns can also be effective. My child participated in an online fundraiser by spreading awareness and that made a real difference. It's all about getting the message out there and mobilizing resources to support these vital educational communities. Best of luck with your efforts!

7 months ago

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