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Is Summer SAT Prep Worth It?

Hey guys, I've been thinking about registering for a summer SAT prep program but I'm not sure if it's worth the investment. For those who have done summer prep, did you see a significant score improvement? Or should I just stick to self-study? Really appreciate any guidance on this!

7 months ago

Hello! From my personal experience with my kid, I can say that summer SAT prep was incredibly beneficial. My child thrived with the consistent schedule and the personalized attention from instructors. It's one thing to organize your study plan, but another to have someone experienced guiding you through the process.

After the summer prep, we saw a noticeable improvement in the practice test scores, and ultimately, my child scored significantly higher on the actual SAT. The structured environment and the accountability of a prep program can make a huge difference for some students.

Of course, it largely depends on how you learn best and your level of self-discipline for self-study. If you're motivated and can stick to a rigorous self-study regimen, you might do just as well on your own.

Otherwise, consider summer prep as an investment in your education and potentially in scholarship opportunities that may come with higher SAT scores. Whatever you choose, make sure to practice regularly, take full-length practice tests, and review your mistakes to really grasp the material and strategies you need for test day. Good luck!

7 months ago

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