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Which HBCUs in Texas offer medical programs?

I'm in the midst of college planning and really interested in pursuing medicine at an HBCU. Does anyone know which HBCUs in Texas have solid medical programs? Any details about their curriculum or partnerships with hospitals would be super helpful!

7 months ago

Hello there! I'm glad to hear of your interest in pursuing medicine at an HBCU in Texas. The primary HBCU offering a medical program in Texas is Prairie View A&M University, which has a College of Nursing that provides undergraduate and graduate degrees, including a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Additionally, through a partnership with Texas A&M University, Prairie View A&M offers a BS to MD Early Assurance Program tailored for academically exceptional students committed to a career in medicine.

Texas Southern University, another HBCU, also has a College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences where students can pursue degrees in various health fields, though it is not strictly a 'medical' program. They offer doctorate-level programs in Pharmacy and Health Administration, and master's level degrees in Environmental Toxicology and Health Administration.

Both institutions provide robust medical-related education with options for hands-on experience and have affiliations with local hospitals for clinical rotations. When considering these programs, look into the specifics of these partnerships, as they can greatly enhance your education and professional network.

I recommend reaching out directly to the admissions offices of these universities for the most current information on their curriculums and hospital partnerships. Best of luck with your college planning!

7 months ago

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