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Considering HBCUs for cosmetology – any recommendations?

I've been doing hair and makeup for friends and family for years now and I'm seriously thinking about making it a career. Heard some HBCUs have great cosmetology programs. Anyone got the scoop on which ones I should check out?

7 months ago

Hi there! My niece actually faced a similar decision recently and she found some amazing HBCU options for cosmetology. One school that stood out was Howard University, where they focus on creating well-rounded beauty experts equipped for various roles in the beauty industry. Also, check out Hampton University. Although it doesn't have a cosmetology program per se, it offers related fields like health and beauty sciences that might interest you if you’re open to a broad area of study.

Keep in mind that when you tour these programs, you should inquire about hands-on experience as it's invaluable in the cosmetology field. Find out if the schools have a salon, spa, or network where you could practice and intern. Additionally, look into their graduate success rates – specifically, how many students pass their licensing exams and what types of jobs they land after graduation. Take some time to also consider financial aid and scholarship opportunities available at HBCUs; they often have strong supportive communities with resources to help you succeed.

Although my child is at a different type of program, I can tell you that campus visits made a huge difference in their decision-making. It’s not just about the program but also about the environment where you will excel. So if possible, try to visit a few campuses to get a feel for where you could see yourself thriving. Good luck in finding the right fit for your cosmetology education!

7 months ago

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