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HBCU Community at Non-HBCU Schools?

For schools that aren't HBCUs, like George Mason, is there a strong HBCU-like community or ways they support minority students? Trying to weigh my options and culture is a big deal for me.

7 months ago

Absolutely, many non-HBCU schools understand the importance of diversity and inclusion and work hard to foster communities that support minority students. For example, George Mason University is known for its diverse student body and offers numerous cultural organizations, resources, and events that aim to give students a sense of belonging and cultural connection similar to what you may find at an HBCU. They have active chapters of national organizations like the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and multicultural student associations which can provide a supportive network.

Beyond clubs, look into mentorship programs, diversity offices, and the school’s calendar for cultural programming. Additionally, most universities will have a multicultural center or similar department that focuses on enhancing the experience of minority students. Visiting the campus and speaking with current students can give you a better sense of the community.

Weighing the importance of culture in your decision is smart, and you'll likely find that many institutions prioritize creating a welcoming environment for all students.

7 months ago

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