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Strong journalism programs at HBCUs?

I've always been drawn to journalism and I want to pursue it at an HBCU. What schools should I be looking at that have robust journalism programs?

7 months ago

It sounds exciting that you've found your passion in journalism and are looking to pursue it at an HBCU! Howard University is definitely one of the top names to consider, as their Cathy Hughes School of Communications is renowned for its strong journalism program. Another HBCU that's recognized for its journalism program is Hampton University, with their Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. Both programs offer excellent opportunities, like internships and strong alumni networks, which are incredibly valuable in the field of communications.

You might also want to explore Florida A&M University, which has a well-regarded School of Journalism & Graphic Communication. Be sure to visit the campuses if you can, and talk to current students or faculty to get a real feel for their programs. Best of luck on your journey to becoming a journalist!

7 months ago

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