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Best HBCU options for a future in medicine?

I'm currently a high school junior interested in pursuing a career in medicine. I've been looking at HBCUs because I've heard they can offer a supportive and enriching environment. Do any of you guys have recommendations for HBCUs with great pre-med programs? Would also appreciate a heads-up on their med school acceptance rates if possible!

7 months ago

It's wonderful to hear you're considering pursuing a career in medicine and are looking at HBCUs! My nephew recently graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana, and he had a terrific experience with their pre-med program. Xavier is known for placing a large number of African American students into medical schools. Another strong choice is Howard University, which has excellent programs tailored for pre-med students and also has its own medical school, which could offer unique opportunities during your undergraduate years.

As for acceptance rates into med school, these can vary year to year, but typically, schools like these have strong support systems to help guide you through the process. They often have advising, test prep, and other resources to help their students become competitive medical school applicants. Make sure to look at each school's specific pre-med advising services and partnerships with medical schools, as they can be a significant factor in your success. Best wishes on your journey to becoming a physician!

7 months ago

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