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What to expect during HBCU Week?

So HBCU Week sounds pretty cool and seems like a great way to learn about these schools. Can someone tell me what sort of events or opportunities are typically offered? I'm trying to plan out how I might engage with these events effectively!

7 months ago

Hello there! HBCU Week is indeed an exciting time to explore Historically Black Colleges and Universities. You can expect a variety of activities such as college fairs, where you'll have the opportunity to meet with representatives from different HBCUs. These can help you get a sense of what each school offers and ask specific questions about programs that interest you.

There are also typically workshops and panels that cover topics from the application process to financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Engaging in these workshops will provide you with a wealth of information and perhaps an advantage in putting together your applications. Another highlight can be the alumni talks or student panels, which give you insight into the student life and network benefits of attending an HBCU.

My tip for engaging effectively would be to come prepared with questions and take notes. Also, don't hesitate to follow up with any contacts you make there – showing genuine interest can go a long way. If virtual options are available and you can't attend in person, definitely take advantage of those as well. Enjoy HBCU Week and absorb as much info as you can!

7 months ago

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