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Can anyone share their experiences with Division 1 HBCU women's basketball programs?

Hi friends, I'm a female junior high school basketball player exploring my options for college. I've heard some buzz about Division 1 HBCU women's basketball programs but want to know more about the community and athletic environment. Does anyone here have personal experiences or stories they could share about these programs?

7 months ago

Absolutely, and kudos to you for doing your research! My daughter is currently attending an HBCU with a Division 1 women's basketball program. She's had a wonderful experience being part of a tight-knit community where the coaches and teammates are like a second family. HBCUs have a unique cultural atmosphere and heritage that enriches the student-athlete experience. The thing she appreciates the most is the personal attention she gets, both on and off the court. She feels supported academically and her coaches emphasize the importance of being a student before an athlete.

As for the athletic environment, competition in Division 1 is energetic and intense, but at her HBCU, there's also a big emphasis on personal growth and leadership. The camaraderie among players at HBCUs is strong, and many folks come out to the games to support the women's program. If you have the opportunity to visit any HBCUs, I strongly recommend it to get a feel for the campus vibe and meet some of the players and coaches. College basketball can be a demanding and rewarding experience, so finding a program that aligns with your values and goals is key. Best of luck in your search!

7 months ago

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