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What's the impact of attending the CIAA as an HBCU student?

Hi guys, I just heard about the CIAA and how it's associated mainly with HBCUs. How impactful is being part of the CIAA for a student-athlete at an HBCU? Does it offer good exposure, or are there significant networking opportunities that come with it? Hoping to blend my sports interests with a solid academic experience in college.

7 months ago

As a parent whose child is currently at an HBCU, I can share that participating in the CIAA (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association) can be quite beneficial for a student-athlete. The CIAA is one of the oldest athletic conferences in the U.S. and being part of it can offer a unique platform for exposure, particularly because HBCUs have a strong community focus and the games are well-attended by both students and alumni.

Besides the athletic exposure, the conferences and events surrounding CIAA games provide numerous networking opportunities with alumni and other stakeholders who are eager to support student-athletes during and after their collegiate careers. My son has found that the alumni he's met at games and related events are genuinely interested in mentoring and helping him navigate his future career options.

It's also worth noting the camaraderie and the sense of pride that comes with representing your HBCU in athletics. If you're looking to balance sports and academics, HBCUs, especially those in the CIAA, often place a strong emphasis on the student in 'student-athlete,' ensuring that you don't compromise your academic experience. This can be really important for future success both in and out of sports. Good luck with your decision!

7 months ago

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