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How do online HBCUs compare in quality and opportunities?

Hey everyone, could you guys share any experiences with online HBCUs? How do they compare to in-person education at HBCUs, especially in terms of networking and resources? I’m curious because I have to balance school with other responsibilities.

7 months ago

My nephew recently completed an online program through an HBCU, and from what I gathered, the experiences can vary greatly. Online HBCUs can offer comparable quality in education, especially since many have adapted their programs to provide rigorous online coursework.

However, the networking and resources can be somewhat limited in comparison to in-person experiences. Traditional HBCUs often have robust alumni networks and on-campus recruiting that are invaluable for connections. My nephew had to be more proactive in seeking out networking opportunities, such as joining online groups and virtual events. It's manageable, but it does require extra effort on the student's part.

Despite that, he was able to balance his work and studies effectively and had a positive experience overall. If networking and resources are your main concern, I'd recommend reaching out directly to the school's career services to see what they offer for online students.

7 months ago

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