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What are the most lively HBCU sports communities online, like Onnidan, and how can I get involved?

Sports are a huge part of college life for me, and I want to stay updated and involved in HBCU sports scenes. Which online communities or forums like Onnidan are the most active, and what's the best way for an incoming freshman to get involved and show school spirit?

7 months ago

Hello there! I totally get your enthusiasm for college sports; my kid is also big into the sports scene at their university. Onnidan is a great resource, and you might also want to check out HBCU Gameday – they have a fantastic online platform with articles, videos, and a community forum. Another lively place is the HBCU Sports Forum, which has discussions on all sorts of sports-related topics.

For more of a social media-oriented interaction, Twitter and Instagram are bustling with HBCU sports communities where students, alumni, and fans gather to chat and share news. To get involved as an incoming freshman, I'd suggest following your school's sports teams on social media and joining any student fan clubs. Often, they'll have meet-ups, tailgate parties, and other events where you can show off your school spirit.

Going to games and participating in traditions are also great ways to get involved. Trust me, nothing beats the energy of cheering in the stands with your fellow students. Have a blast and enjoy every moment!

7 months ago

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