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What's being a majorettes at an HBCU like?

So I've been passionate about dance for the longest time, and I've heard about the majorette teams at HBCUs. Can anyone share more about what being a majorette at an HBCU entails? Like, what's the commitment level, and how competitive is it to get a spot on the team?

7 months ago

Hi there! Majorette dancing at HBCUs is definitely an exciting opportunity. It is important to note up front that the commitment is intense – you'd often have practice several times a week, plus performances at games, events, and competitions. This doesn't just include home games but can involve travel to away games and tournaments, especially during football season.

Summer training camps are also common, so you would need to be prepared to dedicate a significant amount of time to the team. If dance is one of your primary passions, being a majorette can be a fantastic way to spend a ton of time doing what you truly love, but if it's something you enjoy on a more casual level, it might be a bit much.

In terms of competitiveness, securing a spot can be quite tough. Many teams at HBCUs are well-known for their high energy, skill, and precision, and they receive a lot of interest from talented dancers like yourself. You would typically have to go through auditions which may consist of learning and performing routines, showing off technique, and sometimes a personal interview.

If you're serious about trying out, it's a good idea to attend dance camps and clinics that the team may offer to get a feel for the style and expectations, or to watch videos of their performances you find online and work on your own to practice the skills you're less comfortable with.

Lastly, being a part of a majorette team doesn't just mean you dance; it's about embracing the community and culture of the HBCU, participating in events and outreach programs, and even potentially holding leadership roles within the team. It's a rewarding experience that's great for school spirit and will also assuredly enrich your personal growth and offer networking opportunities.

If dance is a true passion of yours, this could be a wonderful way to continue it in college! Good luck with your auditions, if you do decide to go for it!

7 months ago

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