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Experiences with HBCU Graduate Business Programs?

Hey guys! I’ve been thinking ahead and I'm interested in possibly pursuing a graduate degree in business at an HBCU. Could anyone share their experiences or insights into the business graduate programs at HBCUs? How competitive are they and what can I do now to prepare?

7 months ago

Hello! It's great you're considering an HBCU for your graduate studies in business. The sense of community and networking opportunities are a big part of any business graduate program, but especially at an HBCU, where building meaningful connections is a huge part of the school's overall culture.

To prepare for the application process, you'll want to both develop a strong academic record and gain work experience that speaks to your ability to make valuable contributions to the world of business—for example, internships that give you real responsibility, rather than just asking you to get coffee, would be a great thing to have on your resume.

You'll also want to get involved in business-related extracurricular activities and take on leadership roles wherever possible. Connecting with alumni from the programs you might be interested in can also give you valuable insights into the application process and the school culture, which can allow you to refine your preparation process even further. So, if you can, start networking early and seek out mentorship opportunities—if there's a presentation or mixer happening, you should attend!

Remember, each HBCU has its unique strengths in business education, so research and reaching out to current students or faculty can also provide deeper insight into what you can expect from specific programs. Keep up the hard work, and your preparation could pay off beautifully!

7 months ago

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